The Walhonding Valley in Frontier Times

When: Nov. 16th
Time: 6:30 P.M.
Cost: $4.00 for adults; students and friend of JHM free

The Walhonding Valley in the 18th century was the location of migrations, numerous towns, and powerful chiefs of Native American peoples, yet few writings concentrate on the valley itself. Dr. Scott E. Butler, Ph.D., has been researching this area and will share some interesting discoveries in his presentation entitled The Walhonding Valley in Frontier Times  Dr. Butler’s talk will sketch the panorama of the history of the Walhonding Valley from the earliest known history until the activities of Johnny Appleseed which brought national attention to the area. A grammatically correct derivation of the meaning of the name “Walhonding” will also be presented, together with possible reasons why the Delaware Indians chose it for the area. 

At the conclusion of the talk, the winners of the 2017 Mary Harris Prizes for non-fiction writing will be announced and awards presented (if the recipient is present). A total of $2,500 in prize money has been allotted for the awards. This is the third year the competition has been offered.

 The 2017 issue of The Coshocton Review, which includes prize-winning essays from last year’s competition, will be available for purchase that evening. Activities and people of the Walhonding Valley are also prominent in many of the Review’s articles. A new publication by Dr. Butler, Aboriginal Language of the Coshocton Foundation, may also be obtained in the our gift shop. The purpose of this scholarly work is to create effective study materials for those interested in comprehending the entire grammar of the American Indian languages that were spoken in the Coshocton area during the 18th century.


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