Along the Silk Road II

 For over two thousand years the Silk Road connected the civilizations of the East and West. It started from Chang’an, the capital of the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD), and crossed through China to Middle Asia, West Asia, and then through parts of Europe before finally ending in Rome. It started as a trade route but evolved into an idea causeway that linked ancient Greek and Roman cultures with Islamic, Indian and Chinese cultures. The spirit of the Silk Road enriches our lives today and this exhibit stands as evidence of the prolific cultural exchange between East and West. Many of the exhibiting artists live along what was once the Silk Road, perhaps a verification of the long-lasting effects of cultural infusion.
Of the forty pieces in the show, 25 are created with Chinese paper, ink and brush. The remaining use other media such as oil and watercolor. Notable artists include Yang Xiaoyang, President of China National Art Institute and a number of professors at the Xi'an Academy of Fine Art.

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